Treat & Heal

Adding a relaxing treatment is to ensure the health to your scalp and hair locks for optimum hair and hair color results. Taking the time to treat yourself is always a great investment.

ULTIMATE TREATMENT- is a simple customizable healing treatment $15
MALIBU TREATMENT- A Malibu Treatment is a must add on maintenance service to ensure your hair is at its cleanest – it safety removes build up from hard water,chlorine from swimming pools that can leave your hair discolored, hair products and environmental build up that leaves your feeling dirty even when it has just been washed $30
BOTANICAL SCALP DETOX- is a relaxing organic herb and clay cleanser that is massaged on to your scalp and custom blended using antioxidants for strengthening, rebalancing and nourshing $35
ANTI-AGING FLORAL WATERFALL- DE-Stress your Mind, Scalp and Hair -Infusion of Biodynamic and organic floral waters, fair trade Araz`a and essential oils $30
SOOTHING SCALP TREATMENT – Anyone who suffers from irritated and sensitive skin should invest is this relaxing treatment (Recommended (1) Treatment per month with recommended at home care for optimum results) – Organic Plant Based ingredients remedy itching , irritated scalps that tend to have flare ups with Fennel essential oil, aloe Vera, Ethical Teak & Mahogany to name a few. Soothing scalp treatment is rich in amino acids, enzymes, detoxing and soothing properties $65-$95
HAIR LOSS TREATMENT – Anyone who suffers from hair loss due to stress, Hormonal Changes, excess sebum/dandruff should invest in this relaxing treatment (Recommended (1) Treatment per month with recommended at home care for optimum results ) all hair loss treatments are custom and remedies are changeable from case to case .this treatment Exfoliates and Regenerates skin – Eliminates oily or dry dandruff build up rebalancing scalp and reactivating scalps micro circulation with biotechnological vegetable stem cells from buddleja davidii to help follicle cells reproduce improving their capacity for self renewal – made with Biodynamic mint, cedar, essential oils $65-$95